Born in Ain El Rihane, a village of Mount Lebanon, Karen Boustany studied at St Joseph – Antoura College where she started writing poetry at a very early age.

She consecrates all her free time to writing poetry and travels to Paris where she gets her BA in French literature from La Sorbonne University, Paris IV. She graduated also from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, specializing in a double major: Communication Arts and Political Sciences.

She is passionate for theater. That’s how she writes a very successful play and directs it with a group of fellow students during three days. She also wrote a lot of stories for children while still a student.

At 20 years, she is elected president of Select-Phoenix Leo Club and works hard towards helping poor people.

In 2002, she is a volunteer in the Summit of the French-speaking world with the collaboration of the ministry of culture.


I am passionate for music, theater, painting, dancing and traveling around the world.

I am a pianist, a ballet dancer and a professional swimmer. For me, the sea has always been a source of inspiration.

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P.O Box: 503 - Jounieh
+961 4 713 648

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